Graduation Thank You Notes

Graduation Thank You Notes - Tips

Graduating often results in lots of gifts and congratulations from friends and family, especially if you’ve had a graduation party. Now you just have to write your thank you notes to let everyone know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Remember to keep a list of gifts as you receive them; this will help you keep track of what to write to whom when it comes time to write your notes.

In your notes, it is nice to describe specifically how you plan to use the graduation gift. Tell what you plan to buy with money gifts or gift cards. People want to know that their gift is being used and appreciated. Let people know how their gift will help you with college or your future job. If you did receive a money gift, there is no need to mention the actual amount you received; saying thank you for the generous gift or and describing what you actually plan to do with the money is enough.

Write thank you notes to people such as coaches and teachers who were especially helpful throughout your school years. Don't limit the cards to those who gave you gifts.

Try to mail your cards within a week or two of receiving them, but definitely no more than a month later. Following are some wording samples to get you started; refer to the other occasion sections for other ideas.

Graduation Thank You Notes - Wording Samples

GeneralThanks for Money - InformalThanks for Money - Formal


" Thank you so much for the wonderful graduation gift! I really needed a briefcase and the one you got me will be perfect for my job hunting. Not only am I touched that you took the time out to think of me, but I really appreciate your getting me a gift as well. "


" It was wonderful of you to share this occasion with me. Thank you for your good thoughts, your generous gift and for being there for my graduation. It means the world to me that you care."


" Thank You for joining me in celebrating my graduation. Your generosity and thoughtfulness were very much appreciated."


" You brought joy to my special day. Thank you for your thoughtful gift. Now that I've graduated, hopefully I can make some money and return the favor. Thanks again."


" I am so thankful that you were able to share my day with me, and for your generous gift. Thank you so much for being part of my graduation celebration!"


"Thank you for attending my graduation ceremony. Seeing you in the crowd made the day so much more special!"


"Thank you not only for your generous graduation gift but also for attending my celebratory party. I really appreciate you coming!"


"Thanks so much for coming to my graduation! It meant a lot to see you there!"



Thanks for Money - Informal

" Thank you for sending me such a thoughtful and handy gift for graduation. How did you know it's exactly what I wanted? But seriously, I used it to [or am planning to use it] to buy [insert what you're going to or have spent it on]. You're my favorite uncle."


" Thank you so much for the insane graduation gift. I am going to put it towards paying off my tuition, and maybe a trip. It was a bummer that you missed the graduation ceremony, but I'll tell you all about it when I see you. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. "


" Thank you for attending my graduation ceremony and an even bigger thank you for the generous graduation gift. You have really spoiled me! I plan to put it to good use when I visit Australia in the summer. You are definitely my favorite relatives again. Really, thanks again, guys. "

Thanks for Money - Formal

" Thank you for your generous graduation gift. I'm going to use it to [buy a new suit, luggage, tuition, etc]. Your support and encouragement throughout the years has made a world of difference. Thanks again."


" Thank you for not only wishing me a happy graduation, but sending such a generous gift as well. I'm going to save it to [travel, buy a brief case, etc.]. Your support and guidance has made a big difference in my life. Thanks for everything."