Religious-themed Thank You Notes

Religious-themed Thank You Notes - Tips

Christenings are also known as baptisms or welcoming ceremonies, depending on which part of the world you come from. Family and friends gather to commemorate the happy time. With such an onslaught of well-wishers, it is important to show your appreciation quickly and appropriately. A quick note on a christening-themed thank you card for each gift your child receives makes a positive impression on every guest. You may also want to say thank you for attending the service, or for a card received.

As with all thank you notes, make a list of guests and gifts. Include the name of each gift and which guest it goes with. Add gifts to the list as you receive them and then update the list immediately after the Baptism/Christening ceremony so you do not forget any details. Also make a list of people who attended the ceremony who did not bring a gift.

In each thank you note for a gift received, convey your appreciation for the specific gift. Include the name of the item. Then write a sentence or two mentioning how it is being used and how you or your child enjoy it, or how wonderful it is to have on hand as your child grows. You might also want to thank the person not just for the gift, but for the thought put into selecting it out.

If the person you are thanking came to the ceremony, thank them for doing so and say how their attendance made the day more special and memorable for your family. You may also want to provide an update on your baby. People who gave a baptism gift will likely want to know how the baby is doing and what exciting developments he or she is experiencing.

Some thank you notes then end with an additional expression of appreciation. Sign off with your name, the name of your spouse or partner, and your baby's name. People will enjoy seeing your baby's name alongside your name.

As can be the case with any other thank you notes you may need to write, starting to actually write your Baptism/Christening thank you notes may well be met with a case of writer's block, regardless of how thankful you may be. To help you get over that hump, refe to our wording samples below or in the other sections under the Tips and Samples tab.

Religious-themed Thank You Notes - Wording Samples

Adult ChristeningInfant Christening

Adult Christening

"I would like to thank you again for the beautiful Bible you gave me for my christening. It's such a wonderful gift, and one I very much appreciate. It would have been marvelous if you could have attended the ceremony, but it was nice to know that you were thinking of me on my special day. Thank you once again for the very special gift."

Infant Christening

" We would like to thank you again for the beautiful gold locket you gave Daisy for her christening and, most importantly, for agreeing to be her Godmother. We were disappointed that you were unable to attend the ceremony, but it went without a hitch and Daisy was very well behaved! We are looking forward to you coming to dinner next week so she can meet you for the first time. Thanks once again for your special gift. "