Use Case

Auto Industry

Thank you notes are a great way for auto industry professionals and auto sales people to show their appreciation to clients, prospects, and partners. Cars and other vehicles are big ticket items, and using Thankster is inexpensive, so the ROI it conveys to salespeople in the industry is huge.

Some benefits of using Thankster for auto industry professionals


Improved client retention

Auto industry professionals rely heavily on building strong relationships with their customers. Studies have shown that customers who receive a thank you note are more likely to do business with the same company again in the future.


Build relationships with clients

Thank you notes can help you to build relationships with both your existing customers and with prospects. This can help to build trust and rapport, which can lead to more referrals and repeat business.


Strengthen Professional Relationships

Auto salespeople often work with various professionals within the industry. Sending thank you notes to these individuals can help foster stronger professional relationships. Recognizing their contributions and expressing gratitude for their assistance or collaboration builds goodwill, which is invaluable.


Networking and industry Referrals

Customers who receive thoughtful thank you notes are more inclined to share their positive experiences with others. It also helps to create a network of supportive contacts within the industry, which can be beneficial for referrals and collaboration opportunities.


Show appreciation

A handwritten thank you note is a personal way to show your appreciation to a customer for their business. This can go a long way in building relationships and creating a positive customer experience.


Differentiate from Competitors

In a highly competitive industry like the auto industry, finding ways to stand out from the competition is crucial. Going the extra mile and sending handwritten notes demonstrates a higher level of care and attention, setting you apart from competitors who may not prioritize such gestures.


Mass personalization

It seems like an oxymoron, but with Thankster you can easily send personalized notes - including individualized messages, via merge fields - to a large number of recipients, either at once or in drip campaigns.


Generate positive online reviews

When customers receive a thank you note, they're more likely to leave a positive online review for your business.


Save time, send more

Thankster can help you automate the mailing of personalized, handwritten thank you cards, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Some tips for using Thankster with your insurance clients

  • Express gratitude to new customers, prospects, and customers for their business or for a referral.
  • Send notes for specific occasions, such as after a  phone call with a prospect, or after service or repair completion.
  • Send thank you notes to clients who have referred new business to you, and mention the specific referral in the note.
  • Personalize your thank you notes to make them more meaningful and impactful..
  • Use Thankster to get back in front of lapsed customers.
  • Customize the design of your thank you notes to match your brand and make them more memorable.

Automating with Thankster for the Auto Industry

By automating their thank you card sending with Thankster, auto industry professionals can easily create personalized cards for each client while saving time and money. This is an effective way to show appreciation in a timely manner without having to manually send cards one by one. With Thankster’s solutions, they’ll be personalized and include handwriting just as if they’d been done by hand.

And automation ensures that no customer or lead misses out on receiving a thank you card due to human error or neglect. This helps in maintaining consistency in communication with customers by ensuring that everyone receives a thank you card within a particular time frame. Our software is optimized to authentically produce human handwriting (for example, by varying instances of each character), allowing our cards and notes to look and feel like they were written by hand. And we use high quality card stock.

We have bulk and plan pricing options which are extremely affordable, especially relative to doing writing by hand.